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Carta Erasmus d'Educació Superior 2021-2027: ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2021-2027



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  • Resum of the project

    The aim of this project is to build solutions for the integration of adult citizens of the EU in 21st century. Euroscepticism , European citizenship, using digital tools, identity, cultural diversity, integration, economy, history, multicultural, plural, open-minded are the key concepts that will be addressed during the three years.

    To achieve this aim we will work through cooperation and partnership among countries using digital tools.

    We will design and develop an online course called “Getting Ready for European Citizenship on-line” (GRECOL) which is inspired by a previous Grundtvig partnership project called “Digital Classroom”. During the project we observed, in adult learners across  this Grundtvig partnership a notable lack of European identity and a lack of awareness of the wide range of European resources available to facilitate their mobility and develop their sense of shared citizenship.

    Once this new partnership was created with the participation of 7 adult organizations from ES, GE, LV, IT, TR, UK, DK countries with diverse backgrounds but with common motivations for changing adult education in EU, we started to develop the project.

    European citizenship implies a closer, more emotional relationship that is rooted in shared values, the celebration of diversity, and respect of different identities and the protection of national heritages.

    The proposed new course, comprised of 5 modules detailed below, may be offered in online and blended-learning formats. In addition, the 5 modules may be independently utilized as stand-alone materials or integrated into other courses according to the individual needs of each educational context. 

    The structure of the subject “Getting Ready for European citizenship” (GRECOL) will be:

    1. M1.Developing a European identity

    2. M2. European institutions and their functions

    3. M3.European mobility

    4. M4. Dealing with cultural diversity

    5. M5. Final Project

    The methodology of the course is based on a model that develops its activities through the web and on the web. The students become the center of the model and the process of learning. The model is aware of the nature of the potential students. The general features of e-activities are diversity, openness and flexibility and they contain discussions, tasks, quizzes, surveys, and a final project using a varied range of digital tools.

    The final product will be an OER material ready for be using for any adult institution around Europe. During the third year of the project impact and dissemination will be the main goal by sharing GRECOL as much as possible al local, national and international level in platforms, congress, papers.  And of course, using GRECOL as a course, curricula, module or workshop in each one of the partnership' organizations during the following years.  

    At the end of the project we hope to offer some solutions for the integration of adult citizens in Europe to become e-citizens. Getting involved in joint projects as well as increased mobility helps to develop this feeling of belonging. (For and active European citizenship, White Paper 2011).


Digital Classroom :flyer_2015.pdf