This unit deals with the installation and the functioning of photovoltaic panels. It also deals with the characteristics and types of antennas used for broadcasting and receiving electromagnetic waves. In the last section you will see an electrician’s CV, that is intended to be used as a sample. The aim is to make you get acquainted with specific vocabulary and expressions that you already know in your native language and which are used to discuss electrical terms.

In this unit, in the “Storyline”, Jordi and Bill will continue with their electrical works, this time they will go to a house to check the range of a WiFi antenna. In the last section, Jordi will decide to take on a new employee, and he will interview him for the job.

In the grammar sections, you will study the modal verbs. These form a special type of verbs which are very similar to auxiliary verbs from a grammatical point of view. Modal verbs are used to express things like obligation, possibility, etc. and they are also used to ask for and give permission, make requests, etc.; you will also study the different ways of speaking about the future and the corresponding adverbials which are used to refer to the future as well as a form of the verb called ‘imperative’ which we use to give orders and instructions. In the second section, you will study different sentence structures in English. A sentence structure is the way in which we must organize the words in a sentence. You will learn the structure of statements, questions and, most specially, the structure of the passive sentences, which are much more widely used in English than in Catalan or Spanish. Finally, you will also study the English conditional sentences and the relative clauses, each with their own sentence structure.

The ‘Everyday language’ sections introduce three other examples of functional language. In the first section, you will learn about the ways of giving and responding to instructions; in the second section, you will study how to make and respond to requests, which is what you do when you want somebody to do something for you; and in the third section, you will learn how to make and respond to suggestions.

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Learning objectives