Learning objectives

At the end of this unit, you should be able to:

1. Understand oral messages in standard language both in daily life situations and in the professional field of the electrical installations as well as analize the general meaning of a message and relate it to the corresponding language resources.

  • Arrange the elements that make up a message.
  • Identify the main idea in a message.
  • Be conscious of the importance of understanding the main ideas in a message even if you do not understand all the elements that compose the message.
  • Get specific information in messages about usual aspects of the everyday and professional life.
  • Identify the main ideas in a well-structured speech in standard language about well-known aspects and transmitted in the media.

2. Understand simple written texts related to the field of electrical installations and analize the contents comprehensively.

  • Choose reference material and technical dictionaries.
  • Read simple texts in standard language.
  • Translate a text in standard language by using reference materials, if necessary.
  • Interpret the general meaning of a message.
  • Relate the text to its correponding context.
  • Identify the terminology used in a message.
  • Interpret technical manuals.

3. Produce clear, well-organized oral messages frequently used in companies of the field of electrical installations and take an active part in professional conversations.

  • Express the tasks which you have to carry out in your job.
  • Communicate by using formulas, connectors and strategies used in the interaction with other people.
  • Describe and arrange a task in a sequence.

4. Write simple texts in standard language as normally used in the field of electrical installations and use the appropriate resources for each situation.

  • Write short texts referring to everyday and/or professional aspects.
  • Summarize texts related to your job.
  • Organize the information in a coherent way.
  • Apply the appropriate rules and specific vocabulary when filling in documents.

5. Show the appropriate attitude and behaviour in communicative situations as established by international conventions

  • Define the most distinctive aspects of the customs of English-speaking communities.
  • Describe the social conventions of your country.
  • Identify the values and beliefs which are characteristic of English-speaking communities.
  • Identify the social and professional aspects of your job in all types of oral and written messages.
  • Apply the social conventions in English-speaking communities.
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