Here is a list of books and links to websites which complement the information in the textbook. You can use it if you want to go deeper into the study of the English language.

Basic bibliography

Thomson, A.J. and Martinet, A.V. (1986). A practical English grammar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 4th edition.

A clear, comprehensive reference grammar which includes very clear examples and explanations.

Murphy, Raymond and García Clemente, Fernando (2008). Essential Grammar in Use (edición en español, con respuestas). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition.

A self-studying reference grammar for elementary students of English. The topics are explained very clearly and they are accompanied by the corresponding practise exercises. It includes the answer key to check the answers.

Vince, Michael and McNicholas, Kevin (2003). Elementary Language Practice, with key. Oxford: McMillan Publishers Limited.

A self-study reference book for elementary students. It includes information about the basic grammar and vocabulary of English with practice exercises and an answer key.

Harvey, N. (2006). Effective communication. Dublin: Gill & Macmillan Ltd.

A popular textbook that covers a wide range of communication topics. It provides lists of useful websites for further study and exploration. It includes an extensive chapter on communication technology - on how to make the most of the Internet, e-mail, mobile phones, on the impact they all have on our lives and how they influence the way we communicate.

Oxford Pocket (2000) Oxford Pocket para estudiantes de inglés: español-inglés;inglés-español. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 2nd edition.

A pocket bilingual dictionary with clear definitions, occasional boxed notes on the language and special pages with a small grammar and vocabulary reference.

Interesting links


A very useful website for listening to English. You can type or copy a text, click on the button ‘Say it’ and you will hear the text in English. You can use it to check the pronunciation of a word, or to listen to a whole text and practise your pronunciation by imitation.


The English version of the most popular encyclopaedia on the web. Nowadays, it offers almost 4 million articles written by users and is growing everyday. You can read articles on practically anything. Very useful for practising the reading skills.

Simple English Wikipedia

A version of the Wikipedia written in simplified English. There are more than 50,000 articles using a basic vocabulary and short, simple sentences. Specially addressed to students with a low to middle level of English.

Website that provides useful expressions used in oral introductions. It includes theory and practice at a very basic level.

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab

Website created by an American teacher entirely devoted to the listening skills. The listening texts are divided into three levels of difficulty and each text includes a number of exercises.

Lauri's ESL website

A personal website created by the teacher Lauri Fried-Lee with English activities at an elementary level. It includes listening, reading, writing and grammar activities.

Online English grammar alphabetically organized. It includes clear and basic explanations of English grammar and use of verb tenses. It provides examples for each tense and use.

BBC Learning English

A page from the BBC addressed to students of English. It offers excellent practice on different aspects of English, from grammar to pronunciation.

BBC pronunciation tips

A page from the BBC to practise the English pronunciation. It includes descriptions of the English sound, videos and activities to practise your pronunciation.

In this page from the website Saber Inglés, created for Spanish-speaking students of English, you can find a long list of ‘false friends’ with their meanings in English and Spanish.

A Spanish website which offers online courses on many topics. It has very interesting English courses at all levels and for a variety of interests. It includes interactive activities. Ideal for students who need to refresh their English.

La Mansión del Inglés

A Spanish website which offers a lot of resources of all kinds to practise the English language.

An excellent German website (in English) to practise the grammar of the English language. It also includes a vocabulary section and a business English section as well as a variety of games.


A very good online dictionary available on a variety of languages. Among other features, it offers the possibility of listening to the words.

Work and income

A site from the government of New Zealand for those who are interested in working in their country. It includes help and advice and a list of resources for working in New Zealand.

American website that offers good advice for people who want to work in the US, but which can be applied worldwide. Among the resources, you will find a list of jobs available in the US, divided into different areas.

English website with a long list of jobs available in different fields. It also offers advice on how to look for a job, CV models and other useful resources for those who want to find a job in Britain.

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