Access To Higher Vocational Training

  • To access cycles of higher vocational education and training, Plastic Arts and Design courses or Sports education must be in possession of the Baccalaureate certificate, in addition to other requirements set by some specific cycles (Visual Arts and Design Education and Sports).
  • More information about vocational training and the corresponding higher entrance requirements: Department of Education> Studying in Catalonia.
  • It also allows for access by passing a test that is regulated and held annually by the Department of Education. Registration must be made with of the Ministry of Education.
  • For more information about entrance examinations to higher vocational training: Department of Education> Testing> Entrance Examinations. Persons who possess academic qualifications or equivalent courses that allow direct access to vocational training can not participate in the entrance exams.
  • Finally, professional qualificaion achieced on successful completion of intermediate level vocational training leads directly (without admission testing) to higher level vocational education and training (Plastic Arts and Design and Sports Education excluded) if they passed the Specified Training Course For Access To Higher Level Cycles (CAS).

Access To Higher Level Vocational Training Cycles At the IOC

  • In addition to the Baccalaureate certificate, the IOC also provides access to Specified Training Course For Access To Higher Level Cycles (CAS)  .
  • Those wishing to register for the entrance exams of the Department of Education can prepare for content of these tests at the IOC: Preparation Course For The Entrance Exam To Higher Vocational Training (PACFGS).

Josep Elias

Dean of Admissions