What is it?

IOC Languages are the educational option from the Official School of Languages for learning the English language using an on-line approach which guarantees the highest quality learning experience offered to the widest possible territory. IOC Languages is committed to training students in order to achieve the Basic and Intermediate levels of the Official School of Languages. IOC Languages organizes examinations for obtaining the related official certificates.


The objective of these courses is to enable students to effectively use language as a general means of communication outside the compulsory stages of the education system.

Language studies has the goal of fostering multilingualism in Catalan society, prioritizing the needs of citizens in their adult life, both for the acquisition or improvement of language skills for their certification of proficiency levels in the use of these languages.

Achieving these goals entails:

  • Acquiring basic receptive and productive skills, both verbal and in writing.
  • Developing communication strategies in various areas of communication.
  • Developing strategies for independent learning and continuing studies that can facilitate using these languages in professional activities and other areas of culture or of personal interest.
  • Developing positive attitudes towards linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism.