The training courses are courses that prepare for the exercise of a particular profession; grouped into professional families which can be of an intermediate level or higher level vocational education training.Upon the successful completion of an intermediate level vocational education training course the ‘certificate of professional experience’ is awarded which permits:

  • - Work as a technician.
  • - Take another cycle of intermediate level vocational education and training,
  • - Enter a cycle a higher level vocational education and training course, work towards a Baccalaureate, considered validation that facilitates having completed an intermediate vocational education and training cycle.
  • - Or enter cycle of higher level vocational education and training after passing an admissions test.

The successful completion of a training cycle yields an higher level vocational education and training degree which permits:

  • - Work as an higher technician or polytechnic technician.
  • - Attend another cycle of higher level vocational education and training.
  • - enter studies towards an official university degree (Catalan universities recognized as candidates who have already completed the credits determined towards university credit. More information)

Professional vocational education and training is divided into twenty-two professional families; at the IOC distance-learners can study the following training courses:


  • Professional Family: Administration and Management

Administrative (intermediate level)

Administration and Finance (advanced level)

Secretarial (advanced level)


  • Vocational Family: Electricity and Electronics

Electrical Installations (intermediate level)


  • Professional Family: Health

Nursing Care Assistants (intermediate level)


  • Vocational: Social and Community services

Care for Dependent People (LOE) / Social Healthcare (LOGSE) (intermediate level) (part-time offer)

Childhood Education (advanced level)

Social Integration (advanced level)


  • Professional Family: Information Technology and Telecommunications

Microcomputer Systems and Networks (intermediate level)

Computer Systems Network Management (advanced level)

Application and Platform Development (advanced level)


  • Vocational: Business and Marketing

Commercial Management and Marketing (advanced level)


  • Vocational: Maintenance and Production Services

 Occupational Risk Prevention (advanced level)


These cycles can also be taken as distance-study cross-curricular module credits can be applied to any other cycle, even if it is not offered in distance-learning. Cross-curricular module credits are those that are general to several training courses, namely:

  • - Training and employment guidance
  • - Business and Entrepreneurship
  • - Team Management
  • - Human Resources
  • - Administration, management and marketing in small business